VHS and S-VHS Tape Transfers

Transfer your VHS and S-VHS Video, preserving your memories to DVD for years to come.  We can convert any video tapes to DVD or digital file. Using broadcast quality equipment, which is then encoded by a high end encoder to ensure high quality when transferred to DVD.

Price: from $35.00 per tape

Call us to discuss your transfer and a free quotation:

PHONE: 08 8365 3596

VHS video tapes conversion

DVD Presentation

We use high quality archive proof DVDs. DVDs will include a motion menu and chapter intervals of 15 minutes for easy navigation, they are presented in slim line cases with a standard cover and DVD label.

Convert video to USB Flash Drive

Digital File Conversions

We can convert your VHS video tapes to digital files on a USB stick or hard drive, to high quality video formats including MOV and MP4.

video editing in Adelaide

Video Editing

We can edit your footage to cut out all those unwanted wobbles and unwatchable footage. Titles as introductions to footage can be added, as to be discussed with clients. Editing charged at $110.00 per hour.

Personalised DVD Covers and DVD Labels

$10 per DVD

We can personalize your DVD covers and DVD labels by using screen shots from your footage.

Additional Copies of DVDs

$15 per DVD

Order additional copies of your transferred footage as gifts to family and friends or as a second backup offsite to ensure your memories are safe.

Copy Footage to External Hard Drive

$10.00 per file (Tape)

Copy your original files to external hard drive or USB (provided by client) to preserve your raw footage in a popular file format which can be imported into majority of editing programs.