Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between Movie Moments Transfers and you referred to as the client. By using the services of Movie Moments Transfers, you agree that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions below and agree to be bound by them.

The client agrees that all mail-orders and pickup orders must be paid in full prior to release of goods.

The client warrant that all media provided to Movie Moments Transfers is not in any respect defamatory of any person, business or company. The client acknowledges that Movie Moments Transfers has the right to refuse service of any media we feel may violate Australian law or our Terms and Conditions. The client agrees to

indemnifies the owner, management, and staff of Movie Moments Transfers against any loss, damage and expense which may incur, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of or in connection with liability for defamation arising out of Movie Moments Transfers transferring/copying said media.

By using our mail-order service, you fully understand that any items lost or damaged in shipment to or from us is your responsibility and not that of Movie Moments Transfers. In the event your shipment is lost or damaged in transit, you agree to contact the shipping provider to resolve the problem.

The client acknowledges that Movie Moments Transfers will refuse to transfer/copy commercial music unless it’s from a commercially recorded audio cassette such as one you would buy in a store. Submitted media refused for any reason will be returned and any money paid (less return shipping and handling) will be refunded.

We will make every effort to ensure that no harm comes to any material that you may send us. When submitting video, slides, records, and other media to us for transfer or for any other reason, client acknowledges and agrees that the owner, management, and staff of Movie Moments Transfers shall not be liable for any loss or damage to such materials following receipt and during processing of such materials even if due to our fault or negligence.

Movie Moments Transfers make no warranty and assume no risk and shall not be liable for any indirect special, incidental or consequential loss or damages resulting from clients use of our services. The client’s sole remedy shall be, where possible, a retransfer of the media. If a retransfer of the media is not possible, the client’s sole remedy shall be a replacement with a similar amount of blank media.

Client warrants that they own the video, slides, records, photographs and any other media submitted to Movie Moments Transfers for processing. In addition, client warrants that the transferred media is for personal use and not for resale. Client also agrees to protect and indemnify Movie Moments Transfers (or it’s assignees) from any costs related to copyright infringement.

Late pickups are subject to an Overdue Fee unless prior arrange is made. We make every effort to contact people for payment to avoid charging the Overdue Fee. The Overdue Fee for the first 60 days is $10 or 10% of your order, whichever is higher. After 60 days overdue, the Overdue Fee is an additional $5 per month until payment is received.

These Terms and Conditions do not limit your rights under the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974 and similar state or territory legislation. Should Movie Moments Transfers violate any legislation, the owner, management, and staff of Movie Moments Transfers liability shall be limited to redoing the ordered service, where possible, or refund of disputed services.